Our Product Warranty Provides Peace of Mind

Warren Distribution, Inc. (“Manufacturer”) is committed to manufacturing quality private label oil and lubricant products (“Products”) free from defect for its customer(s) (“Customer”). Manufacturer represents and warrants that the Products furnished to Customer shall: (1) have good title, free and clear of any and all liens and encumbrances; (2) meet or exceed the specifications provided; (3) be manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practices, industry standards, and all applicable US laws and regulations; and (4) substantially conform in all respects to any samples. 

The manufacturer makes no representations or warranties related to Customer provided logos, graphics, artwork, or other information. Manufacturer shall have no obligation if the Product becomes defective, after delivering to Customer, due to improper storage, contamination, adulteration, improper use, or misapplication. 

Products are intended for the United States of America only and are not labeled or packaged for resale outside of the USA. Only the representations and warranties of Manufacturer contained herein shall inure and run to Customer’s customer or other end-user. Any additional representations and warranties made by Customer to other customers or end-users shall be the sole responsibility of Customer. Manufacturer specifically disclaims any implied warranty of fitness for any purpose, quality, merchantability, or otherwise. In no event shall Manufacturer be liable for any special, consequential, incidental, or other damages, however, caused. 

Additional terms, conditions, and limitations apply and may vary from state to state. 

In the event of contradictory terms or conditions, a written contract (manufacturing and supply or other similar agreement) executed between Manufacturer and Customer shall prevail.

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