Lubricant Solutions that Reduce Friction and Wear So You Can Move Things Forward

People will never stop inventing engines and equipment that improve how things move. Warren Distribution will continue to innovate and manufacture lubricants and automotive chemicals that support designers, engineers, and others across thousands of applications. Our products help reduce friction, wear, and deposits that would otherwise inhibit progress.

More Than 90% of THE Products We Manufacture are Private Label Lubricants.

Private Label lubricants are growing very rapidly while the market share of most brands from global oil Majors has been flat or shrinking. The reasons are simple - more people recognize parity in product quality, demand lower prices and higher-margin opportunity they can enjoy with private label lubricants. The same trend is evident in mass merchandise and grocery segments, where private label brands account for about 40% of all products on the shelf, according to many experts.

Private lubricant brands represent nearly 50% market share, by volume, in the DIY retail segment.

The volume of lubricants sold by Wholesale Oil Distributors is now estimated to be 25-30%. And it has been growing by 7-12% a year.

OEMs have been selling genuine or private label brands for decades.

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Our Focus and Approach

Our efficient and accurate lubricant blending and packaging operations at four plants in Iowa, West Virginia, Texas and Alabama can produce 140 million gallons per year. Now, we’re the largest manufacturer of private label lubricants located in North America. Plus, we ship to 45+ countries. 

Customer Benefits

Private label lubricants

While other lubricant blenders exit or ignore the private label lubricants segment, we’ve redoubled our focus and strengthened our leadership position. We also provide a branded option to customers where it is a good fit and a lack of competitive conflicts.

Product content

Unsurpassed resources that are focused on providing your private label brand with product content and reasons to believe in it that is as good as or better than from the best brands offered by the Majors.

Strategic business partnership

A truly dedicated effort from a solid team that will partner with you to help with the “pull” of our quality product services and offerings.

Delighting customers

We provide a superior combination of integrity, flexibility, transparency, and reliability that provides security of supply, quality second to none, outstanding service, and value.

Cost efficiency and breadth

We have fully integrated manufacturing, supplying the broadest product offering at highly competitive prices in a broad footprint that provides value to our customers.

No competition with customers

We maximize our growth and profit only if we help maximize our customers’ success.


Our customers demand very high order fulfillment service levels. And we’ve delivered on this promise for decades.


Continuous and substantial investment in the business to meet the growing and changing demands of customers and the marketplace. We do this at a time when many competitors are not reinvesting and/or disinvesting in their business.


We offer extensive and flexible distribution capabilities.


We monitor and measure our success by what our customers tell us. And we adjust when needed.

Continuous Investment

We implemented Lean and Six Sigma approaches decades ago to guard against complacency and drive improvements in operational effectiveness.


Our Lubricant Formulations, Testing, Blending and Operations Are Accurate and Cost-Efficient So We Can Optimize Innovation, Quality, and Value to Our Customers.

Our hundreds of lubricant formulas are innovated and blended to meet the quality and value needs of our customers. Our product development and technical teams work closely with our additive company partners to constantly explore new ways to make improvements that meet the changing landscape of customer and competitive demands, as well as changes in industry or OEM requirements and standards. We have four full laboratories, one at each manufacturing facility, to help develop products, assure quality and test all incoming and outgoing fluids.

We never compromise product quality and compliance with customer, industry or OEM requirements and standards. To maintain these standards, our labs test every batch of lubricants produced at all the plants every day and retain samples for future reference. Our engine oils meet or exceed American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements and have passed its rigorous tests for each product. For example, below are the 17 tests our CK-4 heavy-duty engine oils must pass for API approval.

API CK-4 Test Requirements for Approval

Legacy test Caterpillar C13 Piston Deposits, Oil Consumption
Caterpillar 1N Aluminium Piston Deposits, Oil Consumption
Cummins ISB Valve Train Wear
Cummins ISM Valve Train Wear, Filter Plugging, Sludge
Roller Follower Wear Test Roller Follower Pin Wear
Mack T-11 Soot Induced Viscosity Increase
Mack T-11A Sooted Oil Lox Temperature Pumpability
ASTM D892 Foaming
ASTM D7216 Elastomer Compatibility
HTCBT High Temperature Corrosion
D875, D4951, D4951 Chemical Limits (S, P and Ash)
New limits
Mack T-12 Ring/Liner Wear, Oil Consumption?
Kurt Orbhan 90 cycle Shear Stability
NOACK (D5800) Volatility
HTHS (D4683) High Temperature/High Shear Limit
New tests
Mack T-13 Oxidation Control, Pb Corrosion
Caterpillas C13 Aeration Aeration

Branded Solutions

While our focus is on private label brands, we also offer branded solutions for customers where it’s a good fit.


Our MAG 1® brand is available for some retailers, distributors and export customers. Most of this brand is exported and sold in more than 25 countries.


We are licensed to manufacture and sell Gumout® functional fluids.


This is our full line of winter antifreeze products. It consists of all varieties for Heavy Duty, Fleet, Extended Life, and R/V applications.

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