We offer a vertically integrated package of services for our lubricant clients — from computerized in-line blending; through custom packaging design, production and filling; and efficient distribution and transportation.



Our state-of-the-art, computerized, piggable, in-line blending system ensures consistent quality batch-to-batch, and minimizes overall blend time. We blend API specification crankcase lubricants and gear oils, OEM licensed automatic transmission fluids as well as brake fluids and fuel system additives.



In-house blow molding of the highest quality bottles eliminates the extra cost of outside bottle manufacturer’s margin and costs associated with in/out freight and handling. Product sizes range from 2.6 ounce bottles to 330 gallon totes. Product is filled with high speed filling equipment. Custom design of labels and cartons is available.



Fully integrated manufacturing planning and inventory management systems optimize costs throughout the company. Our facilities offer a BOSS warehouse management system, paperless radio frequency order processing and the ability to ship by each, case, or pallet up to multiple truckloads.

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