We’re Very Proud of Many Long and Productive Relationships with Customers


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Private label solutions for:

  • Mass Merchandise Chains
  • Auto Parts Chains
  • Farm & Home Chains
  • Convenience Stores

Wholesale Oil Distributors

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  • Bulk and packaged for private label.
  • Don’t compete with our customers.
  • Unsurpassed support to make your private label product content as good as or better than the best Majors.

Online Retail

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  • Private label solutions for the largest online retailer.
  • Broad footprint optimizes the value of our solutions.


Part of a car engine
  • Development and testing of lubricant formulations
    that are suited for your engines and equipment. 
  • Expertise and focus on selling your brand, not ours.

Parts Program Groups

  • Solutions to optimize growth and margin for lubricants.
  • Leverage your existing franchise and relationships.

International Retailers and Distributors

  • Currently shipping to 45+ countries.
  • Solutions for private label and our brands.
  • Products manufactured in the U.S.A.

Customers Tell Us Our Team Members Are Focused on Delighting Customers with Integrity, Transparency, Innovation, Quality, Reliability, and Flexibility.

Our approach is simple. We put the interests of our customers first. Much of our success is based on understanding our customers’ needs, striving to do what is right for our customers, and doing what we say we will do. While not perfect, those are our goals. When obstacles arise, our priority is to communicate proactively and frequently about timely resolutions. 

To measure how successful and effective we are in supporting our customers, we use a variety of surveys and tools to gather perspectives. Recently, customers gave our Company a 3.7 on a 4-point scale for “Total Value Provided,” including quality, value, service, communications and more.

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